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Play the Harp Beautifully - The DVD

Play the Harp Beautifully - The DVD

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This self-teaching guide follows Pamela's books, Play the Harp Beautifully Level 1 & Level 2. With close-ups, on-screen page numbers, and all the demonstrations and tips you'll need, learning to play the harp has never been easier! There has never been a harp video like this - progressing slowly, one step at a time, so that you master each aspect of playing the harp. You don't just learn to play a few tunes - you learn the harp skills that will have you enjoying the harp for years! The video contains almost 4 hours of lessons, all for what you might pay for a single lesson with a live teacher. And you can watch it over and over again!
Note: you must have the 'Play the Harp Beautifully' books in order to use the DVD!

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