Have your music just where you want it, easy to view and easy to reach. 

No need to deal with bulky, unstable stands; this Holder attaches to your harp in seconds, comes off just as easily and fits in your case pocket.

This new Harp Tablet Holder will:

---Work on most floor style lever harps with a rectangular pillar.

---Work with most tablets from the Apple Air 1-2 up to the largest Pro models. 

---Hold just the tablet or the tablet in most cases. 

---Attach very securely to the pillar or column of the harp, either wood or carbon fiber, with no damage to the finish of the harp. 

---Hold your Apple Pencil (or similar) AND your tuning wrench.

The Tablet Holder will not:

---Work on most lap harps or any harp that doesn't have 2 feet planted firmly on the floor, due to the weight of most tablets.

---Work on most pedal harps or harps with round columns, but if you're interested in either, do let me know. There's always the possibility.

The Holder can be placed at the perfect height for you and your harp, and is easily reached for changing the page or making notes, as it moves with your harp as you lean it back.  Attaching and removing the Holder is a matter of moments, and the 'un-harped Holder' will easily fit in the pocket of most cases for travel.  The Holder is fully adjustable, so the tablet can be adjusted top to bottom and side to side to get the perfect viewing angle and avoid any reflections on the screen.  At about 1 pound, it doesn't add much to your load, which is probably why you switched to the tablet in the first place.  


  • GOT IT!  LOVE IT!!!

    I honestly think I could immediately do a gig!  I was worried about turning pages but I can position it much better than a stand.  It’s a flow between the harp and music that I’ve never experienced.  There has always been a separation and barrier feeling with a stand and the instrument.  I have the same feeling I had in marching band with the music connected to the saxophone!!!!  😊Thank you from the bottom of my…Wait for it…HARP! 💜

    Kelly S, Tennessee

The Story Behind the Tablet Holder

I'm Dave Woodworth of Heartland Harps.  I've built harps since 1984 (gads, I must be OLD!), starting with wood harps, of course, then moving into carbon fiber harps in 2009.  I get bored easily, so I'm always looking for the next new thing to offer on the harps.  After about 3,200 harps, the new Harp Tablet Holder is the latest accessory that makes life easier for the harp player and lets me play with my 3D printer.